Game Art & Design

Growing up in a family of 9, games are a very nostalgic entertainment for me. I would be delighted to work with a design team to create a game the world hasn’t seen or experienced before! Unique and VR is a definite yes!

Some of my faves and why…
Borderlands – Visual personality
Portal – Provokes thinking
Journey – Connects you with beauty and feeling
Table Top games like PIT – Connects you with others and gives permission to be loud and obnoxious :)
Sacrifice, Dota 2, Demigod – Magic!
VR arcade – Games that make you feel like the Hero

Concept Artist
Playcorp, Team Wenger
February 2016
Game design, Graphic art, Character concepts, illustrations
Programs And Tools
22 HD Cintiq, PS, AI, quill & ink, Maya, Unity3D

A couple of card games I created visual design and art for, including box and instructions.

UI design layout I created for a mobile word game in Unity3D.