Production Design

Production Designer
Halo Cinematic

Nasery character, from the world of Zero:Dawn of the Darklighters

Hansel concept to low poly style 3D model. Maya to Unity3D.

character sculpture, Maya & Mudbox

A large subterranean creature

  • hunts the player by digging tunnels through the ground and erupting beneath the player when they’re standing still.

Alien Octopus Men

  • stand by balancing on their tentacles
  • wear an evil looking cloak and hustler

Highly advanced combat suit.

  • capable of leaping around the battlefield
    with a jet-pack
  • stunning with a ranged sonar attack.

I painted Oono’s head, arms, legs, and back plates to match the colors and aging of the main body.

Monolithica – a world near void of love. Environment concepts for Daisybell.

Alien Elevator Door

Environment Objects – players collect elements to build assets. For Playcorp’s The Cosmos is Mine.

Dangerous alien plant

  • fixed to the ground, unable to move
  • attacks in a 360 degree circle around itself with a poison cloud or ranged spine attack
    For Playcorp’s The Cosmos is Mine.

An environment concept for Nostromo, a planet within the world of Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters.

Scene/Environment concept for Scott Wenger’s novel in progress Crax.