Character conceptualizing is one of my favorite things to do as an artist. What excites me is defining a personality through visual design to create characters with purpose and clarity.

The following is a selection of my favorite characters concepts.

I am interested in creating art for games, animated and live action films! My dream of artistic dreams is to work on projects like LOTR, GOT, Harry Potter, WallE, Tangled, My Neighbor Totoro, Song of the Sea, How to Train Your Dragon, Road to Eldorado.

"practice makes perfect," my dad always used to say. : )

Imaginative decision maker artist!
Halo Cinematic, Freelance, Myself :)
2d & 3d
PS & Pencil Paper
22HD Cintiq & Hands

Nasery character, from the world of Zero:Dawn of the Darklighters

Hansel concept to low poly style 3D model. Maya to Unity3D.

character sculpture, Maya & Mudbox

A large subterranean creature - hunts the player by digging tunnels through the ground and erupting beneath the player when they’re standing still.

A character I created for fun. Bubla’s least favorite thing… bubbles. He can’t stand them!

Alien Octopus Men - stand by balancing on their tentacles - wear an evil looking cloak and hustler

Highly advanced combat suit. - capable of leaping around the battlefield with a jet-pack - stunning with a ranged sonar attack.

Alien Elevator Door